Progress Is Perfection

A blog to inspire, motivate, and unleash the awesome in everyone


Oh HI there.

We are Nicole & Veronica, two 20-something ladies that have a passion for health, fitness, and an overall well-being.

Both of us started our fitness journey wanting to get in shape for the obvious physical improvements, but found ourselves with so much more. Now, we strive to be the best self we can be; we love to laugh, sweat, and kick ass both in the gym and in everyday life.

We have been motivating each other for a year and a half, and have achieved so much good in our lives because of it. We want to motivate and inspire women to be the best self they can be.

We want this blog to become a community of inspiration, support and motivation. It is a place to build confidence, boost your mood, and learn about health and fitness; a place where we can share what we have learned, and pay it forward to others that are seeking support or guidance.

We hope that you will join us to inspire the world, spread the love, and bring out the awesome in everyone.

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