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30 Day Squat Challenge – Final Day!

For everyone participating in the squat challenge, today is a wonderful day – the LAST day! It’s been tough, especially once we hit the triple digits. For anyone that wants to enter in our draw for the prize, remember to add us on Instagram (progress_is_perfection) and tag your before/after photos with #30daysquat. For non-Instagrammers, feel free to add our page on Facebook and inbox us with your photos.

Good job everyone, give yourselves a pat on the back and props for sticking to your guns and completing this killer challenge with us 🙂


– Veronica & Nicole



30 Day Squat Challenge – Day 25

Well everyone, we are closing in on the last few days of the 30 Day Squat Challenge. And let me tell you, my legs are happy about that! I’ve definitely been seeing a lot of changes in my legs and thighs, it’ll be interesting to take an after picture and see if there are any positive changes to my booty as well. 220 squats today – let’s get this done!

435451-7-1363799180801– Veronica & Nicole


30 Day Squat Challenge – Prize Reveal!

Alright everyone, here it is. The winner of the September 30 Day Squat Challenge will be gifted the wonderful ebook, Sweet Treats and Healthy Eats put together by Savannah Rose Neveux, the writer of one of our favorite blogs called Muffin Topless.


The book contains 35 recipes of favorite desserts that have been given a healthy makeover, as well as some extras that Savannah and her mother have put together. Here are some pictures of the recipes from her webpage that are sure to get your mouth drooling.

sweettreatsandhealthyeats_chocolatechipcookiedough zestylemonbars mg_1559_watermarked mg_1059_watermarked

If those don’t look delicious, we don’t know what does; YUM! Remember, to enter add us on Instagram (progress_is_perfection) and tag your before and after photos with #30daysquat.

For some great tips on completing the challenge, visit another great blogger’s page here: 30 Day Squat Challenge Tips

Good luck all, we’re in the home stretch!!

Veronica & Nicole

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30 Day Squat Challenge – Day 17

We hope everyone is enjoying (HA!) the squat challenge as much as is possible! We are at Day 17 which means 150 SQUATS! Stay tuned tomorrow when we will reveal our prize for one lucky participant of the month-long challenge. Remember to add us on Instagram (progress_is_perfection) and tag your before and after photos with #30daysquat to enter!


Veronica & Nicole

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30 Day Squat Challenge One Week In!


Hey all! We are 7 days into our squat challenge which means 80 SQUATS today! Tomorrow is another well earned rest day for those who need it. If you haven’t started yet, feel free to still join us. 3 weeks is still plenty of time to shape and tone with squats! In another week we will take some more progress pictures and post them on the blog. We will also announce the prize by the end of the weekend.

Keep at it everyone, you’re doing great 🙂

da-mo-1126– Veronica & Nicole


30 Day Squat Challenge Day 2!

Hey all! It’s day 2 of the squat challenge which means 55 squats. Don’t forget that if you need an extra challenge to add weights to your squats (just watch that form!), and if you find it too difficult feel free to split up your squats throughout the day.

If you haven’t started yet it’s not too late to join! Remember to add us on Instagram (progress_is_perfection) and to tag your photos #30daysquat. Good luck 😉


– Veronica & Nicole