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Not Measuring Up

Well, it’s been far to long since I’ve written anything. I haven’t been able to get my thoughts down in a coherent way, so I’ve been putting this off. Tonight though, I needed to write something. It’s just my thoughts tonight, with no real direction, but I’ll get there…

How do you measure yourself? How do you know if you’re achieving your life purpose?

Parenting? Reaching health and fitness goals? Progress?

Well, whatever it is, I’m not there. I’ve been going backwards for the past year and a half, especially in the last 6 months since my car accident.

My parenting is less than perfect, I’m not always present emotionally and we don’t do all the fun things I wish we could. I have an amazing kid though, I boast about him constantly. He’s intelligent, caring and is always making us laugh. I love him and want to be great for him. I want to smile and laugh and enjoy every single day with him, I need to be strong for him.

Reaching my health and fitness goals, this is the killer for me. My fitness goals have come to a halt since May of this year, all thanks to a car accident. I thought I would be better by now, it’s been 6 months. I thought I was strong. This healing process has made me question my strength, mentally and physically. I was in the process of training for my second Tough Mudder before the accident; that included kickboxing 5-6 days and running 2-3 days a week with some extra strength training added in. I was ready to kick ass at TM and bring home another headband. Well, that didn’t happen, and for the last 6 months I’ve been struggling to get back to where I was. It’s beyond frustrating to look back and see what little progress I’ve made; sure, my injury is slowly healing and I’ve improved that, but physically I’m not even close to where I was.

The daily pain is what gets to me; between the headaches, shoulder, neck and jaw pain, I have zero energy for anything extra after work. I’m trying, hard, to break through this. Push past some of the pain to test my limits and see how far I really can go, but it’s a slow process.

I’m not sure how to pull myself out of this slump. I’ve been trying to take it day by day, write my short and long term goals down, and push myself to succeed in those goals.

This last week and a half I’ve seen a considerable improvement in my physical abilities, which gives me some hope, but I’m still not there mentally. I’m stuck in this funk of feeling sorry for myself, pathetic and weak to let a car accident hinder my abilities.

I’ve been through so much shit in my life, that I’ve fought and overcome, so why is this getting to me? I’m honestly just exhausted from life, and this was my last straw. I’ll get through it, I always do, I’ll just have to fight a bit harder this time.




The Power of Clean Eating

So it looks like Tough Mudder left me with an extra souvenir I hadn’t planned on: a wonderful cold. As I sat at home this evening sniffling and wheezing on my laptop, I began to peruse through a user’s Instagram account that I found through Nicole. Belle is known on Instagram as “healing_onlybell” (, and has a website and Facebook page called The Whole Pantry. She is a young woman who was told that she had a malignant brain tumor, and had approximately 4 months left to live. Now, 4 years later, she is making it her mission to spread knowledge about health and wellness across the globe. I am not sure how much she attributes her beating the odds to her extremely healthy lifestyle and diet, but her Instagram tagline, “Naturally healing brain trauma & cancer” suggests that she believes it plays quite a hefty role. I began to wonder just what the power of eating clean could be. Is it possible that eating a clean nutrient rich diet may stave off the effects of powerful illnesses such as cancer? We already know that healthy living can prevent many illnesses, but just how powerful is our diet?


I thought about the years of crap that I had fed to my body, and immediately felt guilty. We are only given one body, one vessel to carry us through 70+ years of life (if we are lucky), and instead of treating our body like a temple, many of us spend a large part of our lives neglecting it. Instead of nourishing it, strengthening it, and thriving, we let poor decisions and our emotions dictate what we put inside us. Too tired to make a good meal? Let’s just get a Big Mac. Had a rough day? Let’s plop on the couch and eat an entire bag of chips.


Of course it’s not entirely our fault. The big processed food conglomerates know that these kinds of foods are addicting and strive to make money off of us continually coming back for more. All that sugar loaded into candy and its effects on my body and brain chemistry are exactly why I have for many years wanted that candy over something good like a banana. Luckily, I’m learning how to rewire my thoughts so that instead of reaching for junk, I reach for something healthy that I won’t feel guilty about. More importantly, I’m learning the significance of healthy eating for the big picture; a simple lifestyle change has the potential to greatly improve my quality of life, and possibly even add years to it.

It’s a shame it took me nearly 29 years to figure out that I need to treat my body right. But, I have taken responsibility for that and am trying to learn and empower myself from hereon out. So now as I sit on my couch, sick, miserable, and wanting nothing more than a big bowl of ice cream, I reach instead for that banana, knowing that in the long run I’ve made the better choice.

–   Veronica

PS – look out for Belle’s The WholePantry app filled with recipes, health and wellness information, and lifestyle guides, coming soon!

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Exercise is Cheaper Than Therapy

Exercise is like my best friend and therapist all rolled into one. It’s there for me through the whole range of my emotions, and always serves its purpose.

When I’m feeling happy and excited, I love going out to burn off that positive energy either alone, or with my friends or husband. Going for a hike and taking in beautiful scenery, going for a run grooving to my favorite playlist, or kicking the crap out of punching bags at the 30 Minute Hit. I leave the house with a smile on my face and come back with one even bigger.

Exercise is also my go-to after a stressful day. Nicole and I have had many days at work that ended with, “I REALLY need to go for a workout tonight”, and that’s what got us through the rest of the day. And when I recently  relocated when my husband got a new job in a city where I didn’t know anyone, you can bet that exercise played a role in keeping me happy and sane, and was also an outlet to meet new people.

Exercise is also what I turn to when I’ve had some sort of soul-crushing event I feel otherwise unequipped to deal with. Earlier this year when I found out my best friend had cancer, my first reaction was to cry my eyes out. My second was to get my ass into the gym and work off the fear, pain, and anger. With every kick and punch to the bags at the kickboxing circuit, I felt a little bit of release. All the negative emotions began pouring out of me, and although physically it wasn’t the best work out I had, emotionally it was just what I needed. And unlike some of the other nights that week, that night I managed to sleep soundly.

No matter what my mood going into a workout, I ALWAYS come out the other side of it happy and full of energy.

Exercise is my anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and energizing pill. It heals and strengthens my mind and my body.

Some days my friends and family are busy living their lives and fighting their own battles, and that’s perfectly ok. Because exercise is someone who always has time for me, exactly when I need them 😉

woman - running - sunset

–   Veronica